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About AIVS

<p>The Association of International Vascular Surgeons (AIVS) has existed for a quarter of a century and has expanded and evolved during that time. In the beginning, a winter vascular workshop was held in 1981 at Obergurgl in the Austrian Tyrol. The idea had emerged the previous summer in discussions at a vascular congress in Greece which included two European Professors of Vascular Surgery, Roger Greenhalgh of London and Gerhard Flora of Innsbruck. Gerhard organised subsequent winter vascular workshops in Obergurgl and Zurs. Roger saw the potential for a meeting with international participants and held in the major skiing centres of Europe and North America. He correctly anticipated that close and lasting associations would be formed amongst the leading vascular surgeons in Europe and across the world which would help to unify our specialty. There was a parting of the ways and in 1983 at Madonna di Campiglio, Italy AIVS was inaugurated by Roger in association with National Representatives. From the earliest days, friendships were kindled between vascular surgeons, their families and friends. The association developed an increasingly international flavour, and in 2005 at Lech, delegates from 21 countries attended. At that meeting, Roger tendered his resignation and all present expressed their appreciation to him and to his wife Karin for their wisdom, hard work and guidance without which AIVS would not have succeeded. The most recent evolutionary phase of the association was at Davos in 2006, when National Representatives signed a memorandum of association, admitted members to membership, and made rules and bye laws which embodied the values of the previous quarter of a century and which were ratified by members at an Inaugural Annual General Meeting. This phase was chaired by Roger Baird who carefully steered the Association into a successful new era. He was succeeded as Chair by fellow Bristol surgeon, Peter Lamont. He decided to hand on the baton in 2013 to Michael Wyatt from Newcastle. In 2019 Mark Adelman from New York took over the role. .</p>